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2008 Press Releases:

MobilVox Wins Maritime Security Technology Award

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long Beach, CA - MobilVox and its explosive, ordinance and disposal expert, A-T Solutions, received the "Best of Show Technology Award" at Maritime Security Expo 2008 for developing the Diver Situational Awareness System (DSAS). The conference drew decision-makers and high-level industry and federal, state and local government officials and showcased a wide-array of maritime security technologies. Norman Polmar, Chairman, Science and Technology Advisory Committee, Department of Homeland Security headed the judging panel.

DSAS is a rugged, water-proof, and touch-screen portable computer system which provides command and control personnel and divers with real-time access to technical, procedural, and mission-orientated information during while performing hazardous diving missions. It contains features such as safety checklists; dive logs; underwater search plans; tactics, techniques and procedures; automated dive tables and calculators; tactical decision aids; countermeasure procedures; vessel evacuation recommendations; GIS satellite imagery; GPS integration; and other mission critical functions.

MobilVox President and CEO, Enrique Lenz, stated, "It's an honor to receive this award on behalf of the members of MobilVox and A-T Solutions staffs instrumental in developing DSAS. The system has the potential to save lives and better protect U.S. harbors, sea-lanes and maritime industry from terrorist attack by enabling military and public service divers and port maritime command and control security personnel to perform and oversee missions more efficiently, effectively and safely."

About MobilVox

MobilVox, founded in 1998, is an information technology firm that specializes in the development of custom software applications. Over the course of the company's lifetime, MobilVox has focused on writing software that solves complex problems. The IRIS Suite is one example of that focus, helping customers manage their data and turn questions into actionable information. For more information, visit http://www.irissearch.net or call 703-860-5500.


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